Tournament Director FAQ

I'm interested in organizing a Millennium Challenge, what do I need to know?

Read the "About Millennium Challenge" in the drop-down menu above for an initial overview.

What's with all the formats?

While the most common Millennium Challenge is a simple 2-disc singles event, we opted to provide multiple formats of play to be a more customized experience. So each club or TD has the ability to pick a format that best suits the course and the preferences of the players you're organizing the event for.

What's in the Player's Packs?

Dependent upon whether you're throwing a 2-disc or 3-disc challenge, each player will get 2 or 3 discs in their players packs -- and each player gets to pick their own discs, plastics and weights during registration. This allows each player to get discs based on their own preferences, rather than being stuck with discs and weights that don't fit their style of play. Each player pack will come packaged and sealed with each player's name clearly labeled. Tip: Have a helper on hand to help distribute player's packs during the check-in process.

How do prize-outs work?

$5 of ever registration will go towards trophies and/or payouts. A 1st place trophy disc can be provided for the winner of each division at the TD's discretion. Otherwise Millennium provides prize packs containing discs and other Millennium branded accessories and items for each division. Online vouchers are also able to be issued as prize-out's at TD's discretion. The number of prize packs is based on the participation level of each division. This approach gives more players a greater chance of winning merchandise! Prize packs will be shipped along with player packs and will be clearly labeled by finish and division. Example: an Intermediate division with 25 players will prize-out more places than an Advanced division of 8 players. Note: prize packs will be calculated and built based off of the final list of registered players online. While walk-ups are allowed, Millennium cannot base pay-outs on anything but what is known at the time registration closes.

How do I get my own Millennium Challenge Event?

Simply select "Start an event" on the home page or the drop down menu above in "Events," and submit your event application.

How far in advance do I need to submit my event request?

The more time you can give yourself, the better. The success of your event will depend on how well you promote it and raise awareness. We ask that you submit your event request at least 6 weeks from the date of the event. This will give you 1 week for event set-up, 4 weeks to promote, and then registrations closes 7 business days prior to the event to allow for appropriate preparations, packing and shipping of the event materials.

Is there a minimum amount of players needed to do a Millennium Challenge?

Yes, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 25 players for your event.

How do I handle walk-up registrations?

Millennium will make an assortment of discs to send to you. Minimum of 25, but we recommend 50 for the best coverage. These additional discs can cover walk-up registrations, and they can also be used to sell at the event and/or to create raffle prizes for added fundraising the day of your event. These discs will be invoiced to you in advance of the event and payment needs to be received prior to shipping. We can accept paypal, check or credit card.

What if I have players who want to register but don't have access to the online registration?

We'd ask that you personally help this player by taking his or her entrance fee and registering for them online. The Millennium Challenge website functions well with mobile devices and you could help them in-person using your phone.

What if I have over 75 players register online?

If 75 or more players register online for your event, Millennium will provide a Flak4 backpack to your event for FREE. You can choose to award this at the event, or use it to raise funds with a raffle.

What happens after I submit my event request?

After you submit your request for an event, a Millennium representative will contact you within 4 business days to finish the event set-up process. You will need to have other details for the event ready before the event can be posted for registration. Details like: event schedule, divisions of play you want to utilize, registration pricing, and whether or not you want to include any other fundraising efforts or other event-related details. These details will go on the event Schedule and Info tab, and once these have been set, the event will be approved and posted for registration.

How are divisions set?

During the event set-up, a Millennium Representative will set these in your event for you. We recommend a simple format of Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, Womens, and Juniors. Ultimately we will rely on you to determine what divisions are best for your event. Divisions can be modified at any time upon request, but we ask that you have a minimum of 3 per division.

How is pricing set for registration?

The typical pricing is $25 for a single 2-disc event, $33 for a 3-disc event, and $30-$35 for an event that consists of a singles event + a team format event (Doubles or 3-Headed Monster). During the event set-up Millennium will collaborate with you to determine pricing for your event based on the formats you've chosen. Pricing can be adjusted based on the goals of your event. For example: if you are making this event a charity event, you can choose to add a few dollars to the registration in order for you to raise more $ for your charity. The additional registration funds for team events are needed in order to award prizes for the Team competition.

How do I promote my event?

You are in the driver's seat for promoting your event. However, upon approval and posting of your event, Millennium can provide you with a 8.5x11 flier you can print and a digital flier for social media use. The fliers will consist simply of the date and time of the event, where to register and other high-level details of the event. All details will be available at your event web page, and you can use that URL to promote your event as well.

What happens after the registration closes online?

Millennium will provide the TD with a final list of registered players by division, assemble the players packs, and prize packages. If you elect to have an assortment of discs available for walk-ups, sales and/or raffle prizes, these will be shipped along with the other materials as well. These additional discs can be kept to sell at other club functions, or returned for a credit after the event. TD would pay return shipping to Millennium. Minimum order 25. We recommend 50 for better coverage for walk-ups, sales and raffle packages.

How does the invoicing work?

Upon completion of registration, Millennium will issue an invoice to the Tournament Director detailing all of the discs and items shipped for the event. $5 of every registration is credited (or paid) to the TD to be used as the TD sees fit (lunch for the event, compensation, fundraising for club or charity, etc). Any additional discs that are sent for walk-ups and sales are also on this invoice. This invoice will keep record of all items, balances and funds that are due to Millennium and/or the TD. Any fundraising balance due to the TD upon invoicing can be paid via paypal or check.