About Millennium

Millennium was formed jointly in the mid 90’s by Disc Golf Hall of Famers John Houck and Harold Duvall. Houck, now best known as the sport’s premier course designer, understands the meaning of course management. He knows the importance of getting predictable results from predictable discs, and he makes sure that only the best of the best get the Millennium name. In early 2011, Discs Unlimited took over the day-to-day operations of Millennium and moved the business to Kansas. Discs Unlimited has been distributing disc golf discs to stores and players all over the world since 1987. Millennium and DU are committed to providing the best service they possibly can to disc golfers of all skill levels.

Millennium revolutionized disc golf in the mid-1990’s by releasing the sport’s first line of premium plastic discs. Starting with the Omega Supersoft, Millennium showed the disc golf world what happens when you combine industry-leading design with high tech materials. Millennium sent the sport in a new direction, and soon every other brand began developing new materials.

The name Millennium has always been synonymous with quality. After the Omega conquered the short-game market, Millennium released a string of league-leading drivers. The Polaris LS, the JLS, and now the Orion drivers have set the standard for performance, and no other drivers have ever surpassed their ability to define the essence of great golf drivers: distance and accuracy. Millennium drivers have always been about helping players shoot lower scores.

Early on, Millennium also set the standard in the crucial middle sector of the market. The Aurora MS is still the truest-flying midrange disc on the market and has helped thousands of players convert good drives into drop-in putts. With the addition of the Sentinel MF, Millennium gave players the tool they need for upwind and low-ceiling approaches, providing a complete range of possibilities on fairway drives and up-shots.

Everyone at Millennium understands that golf is a game of accuracy. That’s why Millennium makes only the highest quality discs which deliver consistency, control, and confidence. Our motto says it all: Take Control of Your Game. Play Smart. THROW MILLENNIUM. Smart golfers keep it in the fairway, and they only use discs that offer the utmost in reliability.