Create an Event

To create a Millennium Challenge event, we just need to start with some simple information. Once you complete the following form, a Millennium Representative will contact you with any questions and then authorize your event. Upon authorization you can open registration and begin promoting your event.

Include first and last name.

Date of event must be at least 4 weeks out from current date. Player registration closing date will be set by Millennium upon event authorization.

Please understand that there is a minimum order of 25 player’s packs. At 75+ registered players Millennium will add Bonus merchandise to your event which can be used as fund-raising raffle prizes, or competition payouts as the Tournament Director sees fit. See more information and event details on the Tournament Director FAQ.

Select one or two formats. If you choose to do two formats, we recommend playing the Singles format first and using player scores to determine teams in the Team Format play. Learn about our event formats.