A Millennium Challenge is a customizable disc golf event designed to be a fun and educational experience while introducing Millennium Golf Discs to players. It’s termed a “Challenge” not only because participants are competing against each other in skill-based divisions, but because Millennium is challenging the performance of the golf discs each golfer currently has in his or her bag. Each player will get 2-3 Millennium Golf Discs with their registration and must use these discs to play in the event. These events are great for beginners because the player's pack gives every participant what they need to play the sport of Disc Golf. It's also a great fundraiser for your club or other cause. The intended audience is leagues and clubs, and both recreational and competitive players. Many players can win because Millennium provides prizes to be awarded by division. The values of prizes depend on the total number of participants per division. Divisions for Amateurs, Intermediates and Women are suggested, but can vary based on Tournament Director preferences and participation-level.

A Millennium Challenge can be one or a combo of two of these formats of play



The Tournament Director will determine an entry fee of $25 - $35 based on the format(s) of play. During registration a player selects his/her own discs as a player pack (details below). A Millennium Challenge can become a great disc golf fundraiser because $5-7 goes to the TD to be used however he/she sees fit (lunch, club money, charity, etc.).

“With only 54 players, we raised over $700 dollars for our club through registrations, mulligans, and raffle tickets.”

– Brandon Langston, Blowin’ Birdies Disc Golf Club.

The player packs will be assembled and sent to the TD in advance of the event. The total number of players in the event will determine the amount of prizes allotted for payout. While prize-out is most commonly done as prize-packages of Millennium merchandise, each Tournament Director will determine prize-out by way of merchandise, trophy and/or online vouchers. Read how prize-outs will work for your specific event in the "Schedule & Info" tab of the event you're registering for.


1) Players register for an open event found on the EVENTS page. If you don't see an event in your area contact your local club or league to have an event created. Or if you want to be the Tournament Director, you can register for an event yourself.

2) Create your own player's pack. During registration you can research discs, and select the weight, plastic and color preferences of the discs of your choice.

3) Sign-up for the division that best fits your skill level. For questions on which division is right for you, contact your Tournament Director.

  • On-line registration is encouraged, and is the best way to ensure that you get the discs you want in your player pack. If you are unable to register online, you can speak to your Tournament Director about registration.

  • The deadline for registrations will be set on each Event's page but will be at least 7 days prior to the event depending on shipping time in transit of player packs.

  • Walk-up registrations will be available at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Since all players packs are built during the online registration process, the TD would need to supply additional discs at the event to allow for walk-ups to register. So don't wait, register online to ensure the discs you want are there for you when you get there.

  • Arrive early on the day of the event to check in and claim your player pack.


  • TD is allowed free entry into the tournament. The TD will still need to register and pay, but the entry fee is credited to the TD upon closing of registration. See more about the event invoicing in the Tournament Director FAQ.

  • Events must be created no less than 6 weeks from the date of the event. Registration closes no less than 7 business days before the event.
    Prior to the event, the TD will receive:

    • A complete list of online registrations by division

    • Player packs with each player’s name listed on the pack

    • Scorecards (digital files can be provided upon request for you to print)

    • Trophies, if applicable

    • Prizes by division based on online registrations and participants by division

    • Optional: additional Millennium discs on for walk-ups and additional sales. (Invoiced up front and payment must be received prior to shipping)

    • Any additional information needed by request - contact [email protected]

  • TD is responsible for advertising (fliers at courses, social media, posting on message boards, forums, newsletters, radio broadcasts, etc.) and informing players how to register.

  • On-line registration is encouraged so that players can select discs for their player packs at that time. Registration directly through a TD will require the TD submit the player’s info and disc choices to. These registrations are due by the same time other registrations are due.

  • A deadline for registrations will be determined between the TD and a Millennium Representative, but needs to be at least 7 business days prior to event depending on the shipping time in transit of player packs.
  • TD and local volunteer staff are responsible for all tasks on tournament day including check-in, counting scores, prizing-out, sales, etc.

Learn more at our Tournament Directors page.